‘At 63, Lai Mohammed Still Tying Corn On His Anus’ – Fayose Blasts Information Minister

Lol. Governor Fayose will just not stop with all these invectives on the APC.

In a new statement by his  special assistant on  Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the Governor blasts minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, over the minister’s comments on the reaction of Nigerians on President Muhammadu Buhari’s Treasury Single Account (TSA).

Olayinka described Mohammed’s reaction as unprofessional adding that it was shameful for a minister of Information to attack citizens and fail to give citizens the answers they need on the way their resources are being managed by the government of the day.

The statement which was issued on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 also said that Mohammed did not realise the difference between being a party’s spokesman and a government information manager.

“Now that Daddy Lai Mohammed has been elevated to the position of the spokesperson of the Federal Government of Nigeria, he needs to be purged of the APC basket mouth syndrome that made him to speak like a tout,” the statement said.

“Ekiti State under Governor Fayose is managing its finances perfectly well without the Treasury Single Account, which is obviously aimed at enriching a few individuals at the expense of Nigerians.

“At 63, Lai Mohammed should know that speaking for the federal government of Nigeria is different from speaking for the APC, which he did by always tying corn to his anus while dancing naked at the market place.

“He should know that opposition is a major ingredient of democracy and any democratic government devoid of opposition must be ready to embrace anarchy.

“It is therefore the duty of Nigerians, especially the National Assembly to ask questions on the administration of the resources being held in trust for them by those in power and it is the responsibility of government at all levels to explain.

“When a man like Lai Mohammed, who is employed and being paid with tax payers’ money now chooses to insult Nigerians just because they ask questions, sane minds should pity the President who employed such a loquacious person to speak for his government.

“As for Governor Fayose, he will continue to uphold the truth and speak in the overall interest of Nigerians, not minding the offensive odour emanating from the propaganda infected mouths of Lai Mohammed and his ilk,” he concluded.

Not that I’m an APC member, but I just think as a Governor, he ought to exercise some level of couth.

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