Check Out Blackberry’s 2nd Android Phone ‘Vienna’

Photos of BlackBerry’s next Android-powered phone pictured above has emerged online.

The phone codenamed Blackberry ‘Vienna’ ditches the Priv’s slider in favor of the iconic BlackBerry layout, with a front-facing physical keyboard that is always present. The keyboard looks to be of the same size and design as that of the Priv’s, but it’s hard to tell simply based off of the renders alone. The top of the phone also looks like it borrow from the already existing BB porsche.

Although it’s still early days for BlackBerry in the Android world, they’re off to a great start and the Priv( will bring you the review soon), so it is highly expected that the ‘Vienna’ will pack just enough to give Blackberry a little piece of the market share they lost own recent years.

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