From A Bloggers Desk: Dayo Amusa Bleached Her Skin, So What?


Popular Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa is currently the subject of discussion in many social circles, as a new photo of her from 2006 has just emerged, showing that she has enhanced the colour of her skin, or ‘bleached’ as we Nigerians refer to it.

I took a critical look at the 2006 photo and  compared with Dayo Amusa today, and the difference in her skin color is no doubt glaring. But then again, the Dayo Amusa of today is more refined and more beautiful than she appears in the 2006 photo. So whats all the fuss really about?

Even though I will not encourage anyone to change the color of their skin, I am strongly of the view that no on should be criticised  for doing so. Even Caucausians tan their skin, and no one makes noise about how red or brown they look, so why do Nigerians feel the need to rain invectives on any one who decides to ‘bleach’?

Interestingly, I have had conversations with beauticians, and they tell you that many people who criticise skin colour change publicly come back to them in secret asking for confidentiality even as they purchase these toning/bleaching products. Why the hypocrisy?

Nigerian men, don’t even help matters. A lot of guys criticise and say all sorts about girls for ‘bleaching’ or ‘toning’ their skin, yet go after very light skinned women who have changed the colour of their skin so well, that they are deceived that these women were born naturally ‘yellow’. These ladies in turn will never ever divulge that they were born dark skinned and will do anything to guard the secret. Who then is the joke on?

Skin color change is very prominent in Nollywood, especially the Yoruba movie industry, and Dayo is just one of the many thespians(even male) who have altered the color of their skin. She is an adult, and an educated one at that, so higher chances are that she knows the dangers of skin toning or bleaching. If any thing goes wrong, I’m sure she knows she  will take full responsibility.

That being said, check out and compare recent photos of Dayo today and compare with the 2006 photo and tell us which you prefer:



image image

The controversial 2006 photo below:

If anyone wants to ‘bleach’, turn ‘yellow, do cosmetic surgery or anything else to enhance their skin or outward appearance, let then be. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we all have our separate lives to live and different things make different people happy. Advice them, disagree with them, but please understand that in the end, its their life, THEIR CHOICE.

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