Graphic Photos: Man Masturbates With 21-inch Nut, Penis Gets Stuck

A 24 year old man was recently rushed to Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia after  a size 21-inch nut he used to aid masturbation got stuck.

The lad had worn the nut on his penis to increase erotic sensation while masturbating, but things took an eerie turn after his penis grew erect. As a result, he had to be rushed to the hospital were the nut was  surgically removed.

Explaining what happened, Doctor Maison Chomba who handled his case said that the man rolled the nut to the root of his penis whilst it was flaccid but that the dilation of muscles happened after sexually toying the penis, leading to the nut getting stuck.

The photos after the cut are very graphic and may be offensive to some readers. Viewer discretion is HIGHLY advised.

I can’t understand why anyone will feel the need to put so much at risk in the name of masturbation. What is wrong with people these days? This is just crazy !!!

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