Christmas Day Gist: How Governor Was Sighted Kissing And Romancing Lover Yesterday Night At Ikeja City Mall

Yours truly was minding her business today o, when a certain MDB reader and friend gisted me about what he saw last night at Ikeja City Mall(Shoprite).

According to the MDB reader, a certain Governor, the loudest and most radical of them all arrived with his security detail, by the cab park outside the mall in a G-Wagon.

The said Governor known for his showmanship did not disappoint. He is said to have parked in the middle of the road, jumped down from the passenger sit in front before his Lady lover came down from  the back sit. In the full glare of onlookers and passerby, the married Governor is said to have held this plus size lady in a warm embrace and kissed her before getting her a cab. He is said to have then gifted money to members of the cab park and people around before driving off.

Further enquiry by MDB revealed that the South West Governor from time to time drops off his women at that cab park, and has never cared about the prying eyes of the Press. He probably doesn’t care…lol. Anyways, that is why I’m here. The next time he is spotted dropping off one of his ‘friends’, MDB will certainly get a picture….except of course he reads this in good time, hehehe.

This is not gossip o. This is CONFIRMED. I only didn’t mention his name because my source didn’t get a picture. *However If I say ‘A’. and you say ‘F’,  na you talk the F o..,lol*

Anyway, how your Christmas dey go? Rice and chicken remain?

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