‘No Anti-Social Media Bill Is Before The Senate’ – Saraki Says

The Senate President Dr.Bukola Saraki yesterday said there was no anti-social media bill before the senate.

Speaking on the sideline of Lagos Business School Dinner in which he was a guest, Saraki said:

“We have only debated the Principle of the bill, we have not gone into the details of the bill, so if there is any part of the bill that does not conform to human right, be rest assured that the senate will do the proper thing. So there was no bill that was brought forward called social media bill.

“I think there is need for clarity on that and to let you know that those that led the protest, we have received their letters, we have told them to be rest assured that by the time it goes to committee work, and go to public hearing some of these things will come up. But you must understand that when those bill come to the floor of the senate they come as argument on the principle of the bill, and the principle of that bill was Frivolous Petition, nothing to do with social media but later on we did find out that there was a section in it about social media.

“That will go away when it comes to third reading when you start the third reading, where you consider section by section.


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