ONE BLOOD: Abbey Abimbola Shoots Nollywood Meet Malaysia Film(Photos)



This is a story based on Nigerian Politicians  and a guy named Crack who is keen on avenging the death of his parents.

In his quest,  he undergoes a lot of challenges, and at a point had to travel down to Malaysia to look for a certain person.  While in Malaysia he experiences  racism, gangsterism, drugs dealings between the whites and Asians. How does he manage to survive all these challenges? Did he succeed in his quest for vengeance? Watch out for the movie!



Writer/Producer: Abbey Abimbola

Director: Abbey Abimbola
D.O.P: Ibrahim Saliu
Asst D.O.P: Wanta Kere
Asst D.O.P 2: Bee Jay.
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Starring: Geoff Andre, Kay Shan, Badruzaman Azzack, Chan chi wai, Joanne Lo, Gnaga mixtone, Ayawan, Muri Thunder, Prabhu Raja, Abbey Abimbola and many more.

More photos below:

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Watch trailer:

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