“What Have I Done To Deserve Such A Good D**k?”-Twitter User Cries Out As She Narrates Unforgettable Sexual Experience


“What have I done to deserve such a good d**k”-@areycc pictured above cried out on twitter after unforgettable sexual experience

In this day and age, nothing someone won’t see of social media.

So yesterday, a twitter user, @areycc came online to narrate how she just had the best sexual experience of her life.

According to her very uncensored narration, the d**k was so good, she had to testify about it on the micro blogging social networking site. See more of her tweets below:


At first I didn’t want to blog this story even though I found it very interesting. However some MDB readers brought it to my attention, adding that they understand how the girl in question feels, as they have had similar experiences before, albeit they didn’t come out talking about it on social media. So I thought to ask, have you ever had a toe-curling sexual encounter so good that you couldn’t help but share with your friends? Do leave your comments.

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