Bizarre: See Pig Born With Face Of Monkey (Photos+Video)

In this day and age, you think you’ve seen the most bizarre thing(s) but somehow, something new always manages to top it.

This time around, the story that had raised a lot of unanswered questions is that of a a pig that was recently born in the city of Ciego de Avila in central Cuba with the face of a Monkey.

The piglet dubbed ‘Pig-Monkey’ whose photos have now gone viral has left many baffled and prompted both experts and social media users to speculate on what could have caused the defect.

The facial deformity resulted in the mutant pig having a simian jaw, a considerably shorter snout and a protruding forehead so that it resembled a monkey.

The pig quickly became something of a local tourist attraction, with people coming from across the area to take pictures of its remarkable features before it died just four days old.

One bystander could be heard commenting: ‘One of a kind, never seen before,’ after catching a glimpse of the baby animal.

According to local media, the owner visited a vet and was told that the piglet had been born with a congenital defect, which caused its strange appearance and untimely death.

Holoprosencephaly – a brain development disorder that can cause the failure of eyes to properly separate – could be the cause given that the pig’s eyes were positioned very close together.

Photos and video below:




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