“Does She Really Love Me, Or She Is Just Playing Me?”-Young Blog Reader Who Needs Advise Asks

A very consistent blog reader who leaves comments sent me this today, asking for your advise. Read his story below:

Gud morin aunty Moji,

pls kindly help me beg mdbers to advise me on dis. My name is Abiola nd wil b 22 yrs of age dis feb. I met this girl arnd sept 2013. Dt day I jst sat outsyd polishin my shoe nd gettin redy to go to work when she (olamide) nd her dad came to our house to fight my step mum, cos they wanted my step mum to stop addressing Olamides elder sister by name girl and Olamides’s dad thought my step mum shd call her daughter aunty( u knw dt kind yoruba  stuf), I was so surprsed nd astonished dt y on earth wil a dad folow her daughter vry early in d morin to com nd fight ova m older den u shd cal me aunty stuff?

Any way my Dad settled d matter ..nd immediately I fell in lov wit d girl..sum weeks later I asked her out nd we argued ova dt fr weeks. Afta so many weeks she eventually  accepted my proposal, nd she warned me dat no1 shd knw abt it. lyk play lyk play , our love strted growin nd we fell in lov wit each oda so fast til d xtent dt almst every around us knew abt our relationship. She introduced me to her younger bros who are btwn d age of 8 to 16 nd dey all lyk me..Olamides mum also knws abt our relationship but she tld her dt she cnt date me cos I came frm a polygamous family. At first I thght it was a joke bt we continued wit our relationshp. In d year 2014 , we bth gt admission to higher institution, I gt admited to a polytechnic in abeokuta nd she gt admited to a university here in lagos. Despite all ds our love was getting strnger nd strnger as we do visit ourselves regularly  truout d year 2015. Alng d line she becam pregnant fr me nd dere was no option for her dan to abort it because of school and all that. She aborted it nd our relationship continued. Lest I frgt we ve bth went to few clerics to help us chk it if we cn marry or nt nd dey sed we cn. However she kept tellin me we cnt marry. I later entered into a covenant wit her using the Quaran so as to tie ds relationship down, and our love affair blossomed. Late last year, we had issues, and broke up. She dated a guy afta we brk up but it didn’t work and we gt bk together. .she tld me she abandoned d guy nd I belived cos I also saw d evidence. We’ve made so many sacrifices for each other that I can’t say here that has also strengthen our love.

I later introduced her to my parents nd dey all supported the relationship. She also took me to her grandma nd she gave us her  support bt  sed dere is ntn she cn do f her parents don’t give their support. We continued dating and things seemed ok until jst few days ago when she called me nd strted crying nd tellin me dat we cnt marry dt her parents wil not suprt it..I evn tld her dat I’m pursuin to travel abroad afta my ond nd it is possible we liv dere if tins work out like i’m planning. She refused and said that  all dt has hapened btwn us has bn destined dt we cnt marry. I was heartbroken and devoted becos dis girl is my life, she is the air I breathe. All my friends has already warned me abt her dt we cnt marry dt we ar jst teasing each other bt i didn’t listen. I have been begging her and asked her to reconsider  bt she sed no..d last word she said to me is that we shd brk d covenant nd she agreed to com to my place at abeokuta arnd march to brk d covenant nd also fr d last tym. Bt later dat not she came again and  tld me dt its hard to leav me me, and she mentioned all the pain she went tru durin d abortion nd all dt. She then said again dt we will gt married, dt wen is tym fr her to show her husbnd to her dad she will just get pregnant for me nd with dat dey wil hav no choice dan to accept. I was so happy nd vry excited.

She however insisted that wen she comes to Abeokuta arnd march , we shd break d covenant.

MDBers, please is playing me and tryin to be smart or does she truly loves me?

By d way m still doing my ND2 nd she is in 200level.

Guys, please advice Abiola and try not to judge or be cruel. Thank you.


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