Eye Witness Narrates Chilling Ordeal Of How Man Was Shot During Attempted Car Robbery In Broad Day Light At Ikoyi Yesterday

An eye witness has narrated  how he witnessed a very shocking car robbery at Ikoyi yesterday around 1pm in the afternoon. Read how LIB reports it below:

First, it was not an assassination attempt, is was a case of traffic robbery. The same news you have carried over and over for months but our present Governor doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to arrest this menace.

My friend was driving in from Dolphin Estate on Alfred Rewane Road (Former Kingsway Road), when he got to the traffic light around Golden Gate Restaurant. There was the usually heavy traffic on the road at that time (1:30pm) and he was waiting for the light to turn green. All of a sudden, he noticed a boy walk up to the car in front of him (a black Toyota Prado) and he thought it was a beggar. But when the guy got to his car ( A white coloured Land Rover LR4 and not bullet proof as stated by the writer), he noticed the guy had a gun.

The robber wanted his Rolex watch, wallet and phones but luckily for him, the light turned green and the cars ahead moved so he drove off. It was in the process of driving off that the robber shot at him. The bullet pieced the car, missed his torso but went through his hand (miraculously).

Anyway, to cut story short, he is presently admitted in a hospital where he underwent a successful surgery last night to treat his bullet wound on the right hand.

Now we have continuously read about these street robberies and often times in places that we don’t usually go to and i know people who have commented that God help them. But with this occurring on Alfred Rewane at 1:30pm in the afternoon at the peak of Lagos traffic, then you can see the chill it runs up one’s spine.

I hope a rich man ( we call them Big Man here) or a big man’s child doesn’t get killed or maimed first before they decide to do something about all this traffic robberies.

I am actually shocked and even more scared because late last year I was almost robbed in traffic too, but I was lucky I was able to wrestle my bag from the robber and the traffic moved on time. I can only imagine what will have happened if that robber had a gun. DEAR GOVERNOR AMBODE PLEASE DO SOMETHING, THIS TRAFFIC ROBBERY SITUATION IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!!!

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