Get In Here Techies! Check Out The Mind-blowing Plan Samsung Has For It’s Samsung Galaxy Note Line

A patent has been unearthed by Patently Mobile which showcases how Samsung is considering an interesting hybrid design for future Note devices, and the concept is just mind-blowing!

The concept has echoes of Asus’ Padfone handset, which could be docked with a large-form tablet, which could in-turn be docked with a keyboard to become a laptop. All of the processing power came from the phone, however.

Samsung’s design illustrates a large phablet-like phone with a laptop dock, as you can see from the image, the phone slots into a port between the keyboard and the laptop display. It also clearly shows that the dock only contains connectors, keyboard, and the display (and likely a larger battery cell, though this isn’t listed) – once again it is the phone that contains all the storage, processor, and software. It appears the phone would function as a touchpad for the laptop when docked, Know Your Mobile reports.
While the Galaxy Note series is already powerful enough to be considered, like many smartphones, a miniature computer in its own right, the patent implies that a future version will have enough clout and storage to function as a proper computer in this dual-role. It’s something of a logical extension for the Note series which is already focused on productivity tasks and desktop-like multitasking features. The main questions remaining focus on software; we can’t really imagine Samsung abandoning Android, but how this might translate into the laptop experience is something of a head-scratcher.

While Google’s Material Design ethos is leaning towards a unified platform across devices it’s still not quite as desktop orientated as Windows. It’ll be interesting to see how things change as iOS and OS X continue to merge, and Microsoft is understood to have big plans for Windows 10 as a unified system. Is something already afoot at Google HQ in this regard that Samsung knows about? It’s all intriguing stuff, but we probably won’t get any answers for a while.

Will definitely  let you know when there is more gist  about Samsung’s hybrid projects.



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