Photos And Video: See The Strange Objects President Obama Carries In His Pockets

In a recent interview with the White House Youtube channel, Present Obama revealed some of the religious items he carries around in his pocket which includes Rosary beads, a metal poker chip,  a statue of  little Buddha, and a hindu Monkey God.

President Obama reveals that the rosary was given to to him by Pope Francis whom he has a lot of respect for. The little statute of buddha was give to him by a buddhist monk, the  metal poker chip was given to him by a biker, the hindu monkey God was given to him by some woman, while the coptic cross  was given to him in Ethiopia.

The worlds strongest man revealed that he carries these objects around in his pocket not because he is superstitious but  to remind himof people he has met during his 8 year term as President. Photos and video of the interview  below:


Cool stuff.

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