Want To Shed Some Pounds? Doctors Say You Should Do This Daily To Keep Fat Off

If you want to lose weight,  weigh yourself daily, the doctor behind the 5:2 diet is suggesting.
Dr Michael Mosley suggests that dieters should ditch advice telling them only to step on the scales once a week, and weigh themselves every day if they want to keep the pounds off.
Both the NHS and WeightWatchers recommend weekly weigh-ins, with the latter arguing day-to-day fluctuations are only ‘rarely’ due to a ‘genuine increase in body fat’.
But Dr Mosley, co-presenter of the BBC Two series Trust Me I’m A Doctor, said: ‘

The secret to maintaining your weight is to measure yourself pretty much every day – that’s what the research shows.’
Dr Mosley uses the technique to maintain his own weight, dieting more stringently if he creeps up above 12 stone.
He said: ‘I look good and stop snoring when I’m around 12 stone. When I get above that, my blood glucose levels go up and I tend to pile on weight.’

This has always worked for me, checking my weight daily.

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