Writer Joy Isi Bewaji Looks At Olamide Vs Donjazzy Beef From An Interesting Perspective(You Agree?)

Joy Isi Bewaji

Renown writer Joy Is Bewaji shared and interesting post on the Olamide Vs Donjazzy beef on her Facebook Page. She wrote:

If my daughter wins an award in school…
And a mother of one of the nominees takes the mic and insists her daughter should have won because, well, she is more popular in school…then throws a few ghetto jabs to authenticate her conviction.
She wouldn’t be addressing only the school authority, she would be addressing my daughter.
It is up to me to grab that mic and tell her to fuck off. Right in her face!
How that makes me the childish one remains your headache.
If you say I should understand her grief of losing…then she should understand my joy of winning.
What I would really HATE is if she ever looks me in the eye and say…”I didn’t call your name. So why are you addressing me directly?”
What fabric would that kind of hypocrisy be made of? You just made my daughter feel unworthy of an award she won.
You rant, you insult…you are cheered by your entire family…
Yet I’m supposed to face the wall when I respond? Speak directly to a wall gecko or a nodding lizard?
There’ll be next year, and if you are a Kendrick Lamar (as you think), you will win Macklemore a hundred times.

What do you guys think?

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