You Won’t Believe She’s Just Three Years Old! Infant Becomes Online Sensation After Aunt Transforms Her To An Old Woman Using Makeup

Photos of the three-year-old girl who appears to have had a Benjamin Button-style makeover has gone viral online after her cousin who gave her the make over tweeted the photo.
The girl, whose name appears to be Roey, was made up by her aunt Samantha Parson.
‘Today while babysitting, I was putting on mascara and my three-year-old niece asked if I could do her makeup, too,’ Samantha tweeted. The original post has since been retweeted 27,000 times and has 36,000 likes, and copycat posts have had retweets as high as 18,000 with 40,000 likes.
More photos below:

Talented: MakeUp artist Samantha Parsons transformed her 3 year old cousin turning her to an internet sensation

3 year old Monroe without the makeup

When I first saw the photos I thought the three year old was an old dwarf…lol. Really good make up.

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