‘Business Is BOOMING!”-Check Out $400,000 Lamborghini Zimbabwean Pastor Gave His Wife For Valentine

Pictures have just emerged on social media of flamboyant Zimbabwean Pastor Uebert Angel’s wife Beverly showing off a new  $US400, 000  Lamborghini sports car from her husband.

The car is said to be her Valentine gift from her hubby Pastor Hebert Angel, the senior Pastor of The Good News church Zimbabwe.

Over the years Pastor Uebert Angel has been lambasted by critics for his flamboyant lifestyle and accused of exploiting the gospel that preaches that the more you give in offerings to the church the more you will reap in blessings from God. He however defended himself saying he did not take money from offerings in church and instead ran several businesses including real estate.

Pastor Hebert and wife Beverly

The Pastor  who now resides in America has been away from Zimbabwe since he was dragged to court by a Harare man who accused him of duping him out his Bentley luxury vehicle. The case was eventually thrown out and this week a church spokesman Rikki Doolan said Angel could go to Zimbabwe anytime he wanted, and is not a fugitive.

From Yacht parties,Private Jets and Lamboghinis one thing is clear, Church business is booming for Pastors nowadays!!! Do leave your comments.


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