Is This The Best Nigerian Proposal Ever? Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Flashmob, Disguises Himself As Waiter

Oyin Fomodun, a Nigerian based in Essex, UK recently proposed to his half Nigerian/half Caribbean girlfriend Yemisi in grande style, and the video of the proposal has left many romantics around the world teary eyed.

The 34 year old Romeo surprised his girlfriend of three years in a crowded restaurant with an elaborate set up that she would never forget.
The stunt – which was captured on video – involved him putting on a prosthetic nose, wig, a beard, layers of make-up and a pair of glasses to disguise himself as an aged waiter.

He also filled the entire restaurant with actors for an all-singing, all-dancing flash mob.

The video starts with Yemisi sitting with two friends in Gillray’s steak house, London, before Oyin disguised as a waiter deliberately ‘accidentally’ spills water onto their table and soaking her in the process.

Of course Yemisi was agitated by the waiter(Oyin)  who acted oblivious to his actions. She then….

You know what, see photos and the  video for yourself below:

Oyin before the makeover

Oyin after the makeover

Yemisi and her friend fitted at the table

Oyin disguised as waiter and soiled yemisi’s dress

Oyin takes off his wig

Oyin takes off his wig shocking Yemisi

A pleasantly surprised Yemisi cheers


Actors who pretended to be diners singing to Yemisi

Of course she said yes!

The ring!

The effort Oyin put into the whole proposal is just remarkable. Dear future husband take note….hehehe.

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