Happy Birthday To Me! Flash Back To When Moji Delano Was A Rapper


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Guys, it’s my birthday o!

And I am so excited because it’s the beginning of awesome things for me. My year is just about to officially kick start.

I’m experiencing some form of writer’s block(maybe because I’m too excited) lol but thanking God I guess is a good way to start.

Me last Sunday

God has being so merciful and his grace continues to humble me. The gift of life is indeed a blessing, one I do not take for granted. I’m very thankful and I know that no matter what life throws my way it can only get better.

I’m also very thankful for my blog and the MDB family. Last year November my blog was taken down and I had to start afresh. I lost all my past data and stories. Over the Easter break too my office(my Mac…lol) suddenly developed issues. But as a winner I keep it moving. The devil can try to throw stumbling blocks on the part to success in other to slow me down but nothing can stop me. MDB is here to stay and will continue to grow and become even better. The next couple of months you guys are going to see MDB diversify and become more specific. I’m also going to start my vlog series too.

Meanwhile guys , you guys are not commenting o. What’s going on na? You know your comments are very important to me. It’s how I know you guys are there(apart from through views ) and appreciate my work. If you love me, please make it a point of duty to comment more after reading stories on the blog from now on. Comments are moderated because of spam but they will be be approved as soon as they come in. Please keep those comments coming darlings.

So recently I heard Olamide’s  ‘who you epp’ and the beat really struck a cord in me. It took me back to the days I used to hang out at OJB’s Silverpoint studios in Surulere when I tried my hands on rap. I’m talking 2004-2008. I met a lot of people those days including one of the greatest music producers I know MoDogg. You may know Modogg from Wizkid’s Ojulegba track. Wizkid mentioned his studio in the chorus.

I love to dance. Can you tell😜💃🏼

Modogg recently did an interview with the pulse in which he mentioned me and  it took me way back, and brought memories of my sojourn into music, days when I nursed the ambition of been a rapper, and how my dreams of owning my record label was born.

Modogg is a talented music producer/rapper/singer that has been around for a long time. He it was who really pushed me into recording and actually trying rap and so many talented acts eg: Asa(fire on the mountain) and Wizkid have passed through him. I introduced Ayo whom everyone knows as Wizkid today to Modogg. I met Ayo through the first act I ever managed Willybang(those days he was called SILLY). He was an amazing kid with loads of potential and Charisma. Those days he used to call me ‘mummy’ lol. Him and Willybang would come visiting back then while I was at Fagunwa hall in Unilag. This was way before he ever met BankyW. The Ayo I knew then was sweet and charismatic and will never call anyone’s mum out no matter the circumstances. But then again, that Ayo was yet to be a super duper superstar…lol.

Back to me and my sojourn into music. So one day in 2006, my friend Modogg called me to come down to the studio that he had some guys around and that they were playing with some beats. I showed up, wrote my part under an hour and recorded. I was the only female MC on the track and I rapped after the sfirst chorus. Modogg started the song. Download below and let me know what you think about my verse.


Meanwhile, I am thinking of doing my version of ‘who you epp’ featuring Psquares official DJ and my good friend DJ stramborella and also Modogg. We are not competing o….we are just doing it for the fun. So with what you heard in this downloaded track, think I have a chance? Lol. If I ever end up doing my own 16 bars of Olamide’s ‘who you epp’ I won’t disappoint you. That is a promise.

Photo taken late March

Meanwhile, I’m expecting my private jets, banana island homes, diamonds and Lamborghinis’ from you my amazing MDB readers in the comments section….hehehe. I must get like a million bday wishes today o….lol. Thank you guys for all the love and support once again. I love you all and will continue to make you guys proud.
I am 29 years old today( no I’m not older). That I am big physically doesn’t mean I’m lying about my age lol. People hardly ever guess my age right and I’m used to it. I was born April 7 1987. Next year God willing I’m going to have a shindig to celebrate the big 3.0 inviting my loyal MDB readers so keep it in mind. Who knows whether we will be celebrating it on a huge white yacht in Dubai😜??? Moral of the story? Keep the comments coming.

Thanks guys! One love.

Some recent photos of me below.

Photo taken in late January


Photo taken in late February or early March?




Me in January




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