SAD: Dad And Two Sons Killed In Road Accident Buried In Same Coffin (Photo)


A Dad and his 2 sons- 3yrs and 5yrs killed in a road accident, was yesterday 9th of May 2016 buried today in same coffin.

The tragedy occurred on Highway 18 in Rankin County, Mississipi, USA on Saturday 1st of May.

The man identified as Leroy Hobson was driving a Ford Windstar when he lost control and crossed over into the other lane and was struck by a Lexus GS 300.

His 3 and 5-year-old boys were killed in the incident but his wife Kenisha Hobson, was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Leroy Hobson was  yesterday buried in the same coffin with his sons(pictured above ). The picture has since gone viral, raising the question as to whether  there was any spiritual implication to burying them together even as people prayed for their souls.

What are yourthoughts on this? Never heard anything like it before. May God rest their souls, Amen.

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