5 Things Nigerians Miss When They Are Abroad

There is no doubt that living abroad is one of the desires of most Nigerians, it is one of the most unforgettable and incredible experiences that anyone will love to partake in. However, there are quite a few things that you may miss outside Nigeria. Yes, you may have taken these things for granted, but wait till you have spent few months abroad. By then, the excitement and fun of the new city must have worn off. This is when you may start missing the some things about Nigeria and you’ll shockingly be longing for them.

Here are 5 things Nigerians miss while living abroad:

1. KIOSKS (Mallam Shops):
You would definitely miss the street shops in Nigeria when you travel abroad. The reason is, these street shops provide you with everything you may need early in the morning or late in the night when the markets are closed. On every street, you will find Aboki with small kiosk selling a variety of household items or a pharmacy store right at the corner of the street.


When you’re abroad you learn to do things by YOURSELF. From cooking to cleaning to assembling beds. Everything is done by you. Househelps are expensive so most Nigerians end up being their own maids to keep the extra change.


This should come up first on the list, according to Time Magazine (just joking o!). Nigerians marry as a sport,every Saturday morning churches are administering weddings and event centres make ridiculous cash as well. 
Oyinbo(white people) don’t have that time. Contrary to what you see on T.V, typical foreigners spend as much as we (Nigerians) spend on our regular Sunday lunch.


Funny I should mention this, but the truth is when your abroad you really miss traffic. Speaking for Lagosians alone, you miss the commotion of trying to dodge bad drivers,hawkers,LASTMA,Road Safety Officers,Local Government Chairmen Convoys, Okada,School children,Agberos,Rallies etc.
It’s crazy I know but believe me you’ll miss the madness.


If it’s not Panadol,then it can never be like Panadol. Yes,there are loads of Nigerian shops where food stuffs like Garrison,Ewedu,Yagi,Bitter leaf,Egusi,Poundo yam,Palm oil etc are being sold abroad but it can never…I repeat – NEVER be like homegrown food. First of all,it is relatively more expensive compared to the quantity given,sometimes even the taste seems different.
You need to hunt for instant chops like amala,puff-puff,agege bread,fried yam,ewa goyin, massa etc.



Don’t get me wrong,living abroad can be a real treat. I guess it’s the chaos that we laugh and miss the most when we are off the shores of this country. Afterall there’s no place like home…. there never will be.

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