#Rio2016: Panic As Loud Explosion Rocks Olympic Stadium

An explosion has rocked the Olympic stadium in Rio afterBrazilian police discovered a suspicious device on Monday.
Police carried out a controlled explosion in the Maracanã Stadium, which will hold Friday’s opening ceremony, while rehearsals were going on and sent in a robot to deal with it, 7 News reports.

The suspicious device was reportedly a toolbox, and it created a loud explosion when the robot came in contact with it. Local police authorities are calling it a ‘çontrolled blast’.

‘There was definitely an explosion after the robot went in,’ a Channel Seven spokesman said.

‘We are trying to confirm whether  the explosion was the robot destroying the package or the package went off before the robot go to it.’
The Maracana Stadium will host the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

The 1950 World Cup soccer final was previously held in the stadium and it is one of the most famous in Brazil.

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