New Design Makes Asthma Inhalers Look Like ATM Cards

dyson-award-bloom-inhalerPeople suffering from asthma may soon have a sleek alternative to traditional and bulky inhalers.

The Bloom Inhaler fits in the palm of your hand, and is approximately the size and shape of a credit card. Asthma medicationis delivered through a tiny nozzle that flips into place atop a circular hole in the top half of the device; users place their mouths over the hole to administer a dose of medicine, just as they would when using a traditional inhaler’s mouthpiece.

Any standard inhaler canister can be used to fill Bloom, the product website said. The device holds six doses, each dispensed with the push of a trigger, and can be refilled an infinite number of times. The flat, steel inhaler fits easily inside a wallet, and its trim design allows users to carry and use the device discreetly, unlike bulkier models that can be awkward to carry.

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