Scientists Accidentally Found A Great New Way To Convert CO2 Into Ethanol

images-20Scientists in Tennessee have accidentally discovered a method to convert carbon dioxide, one of the most serious causes of climate change, into ethanol for use as a fuel for internal-combustion motors. This newfound ability to recycle the greenhouse gas could potentially help slow global warming.
Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratoryin Tennessee USA, found that by putting copper and carbon together to create nanospikes on silicon, then exposing the matter to carbon dioxide dissolved in water, and electrifying it, the solution was transformed into a surprisingly-highly-concentrated blend of ethanol.

Further research is being taken into consideration as this could be the final answer the world needs to stop the use of burning fuels and reduce deforestation.

Since the research behind this new process is still in the early stages. The scientists are continuing to study the method to make it even more efficient and to learn more about how it could be put to use in a large-scale operation.

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