New Update For Google Maps Will Now Show Crowded Locations 

Google Maps over the years has gained several users specific features including real-time transit information in select cities and as well as the ability to warn users if they were navigating to a place that would already be closed by the estimated time of arrival.

Now, the app has upgraded its feature with real-time data to show you how popular a place is ‘right now‘.

Apart from real-time data, Google Maps will now be able to show “how long people typically stay at a given location” which can help planning itinerary to the minute calculating the best estimated time to visit or show up when the crowd is less dense. 
The company says that the new feature will be available to users “in time for the Black Friday swarms” and can be accessed via Google Search and Maps.
All these tips are just a tap away in Google Search and Maps,” said Jamie Aspinall, a Product Manager at Google. 

“Although  we’re still perfecting the app but we (Google) can confirm that the feature isn’t currently available in the latest Search and Google Maps app versions in places like India and the Middle East but we can expect the feature to gradually rollout to Google Maps and Search users worldwide by years end.”

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