Top 20 Bad Office Habits That Will Guarantee Getting You FIRED!

1. Not locking up the office properly.

2. Shouting back at your bosses’ boss.

3. Toasting your oga’s wife.

4. Sleeping with your supervisors only daughter and breaking her heart.

5. Making a withdrawal from a customers account without his knowledge.

6. Sexual harassment (both female and male staff)

7. Farting loudly at a board meeting.(if the source cannot be traced then your good)

8. Farting loudly in front of a high end customer while your MD is present.

9. Crashing your dead car on your bosses tear rubber escalade

10. Body slamming your oga on his desk

11. Peeing or pooing in your supervisors file cabinet

12. Laughing at a customer when your telling him he has no funds left in his account.

13. Telling a Yoruba female customer that she’s talking too much…!

14. Stealing your office vehicle to go and trip a babe.

15. Being the only one to speak vanacular at board meetings.

16. Intentionally slamming the car door on your MD’s side chick’s fingers.

17. Making a sextape with the security man.

18. Proposing to your boss in from of your Head Office.

19. Splashing peperish stew in your bosses eye while pointing kpomo at her to make a point.

20. Placing your unwashed period stained pant on your Oga’s shoulder.

Please feel free to add any more comments. It will help a lot of people from unnecessarily loosing their jobs.

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