Update: Lady Who Lost Her Legs In Container Accident Survived(EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Last Saturday, a lady was reported to have lost her legs, and eventually her life after a container fell on her. If you missed the post, please click here .

The horrific incident happened at Mile 2 Junction, Lagos when the young woman in question was about to board a motorcycle. The bike man managed to escape but the lady tripped while trying to run, and the container fell on her legs.

People came to her rescue but couldn’t lift the container as it had heavy load inside. They reportedly cut off both legs and rushed her to the hospital.

It was  initially reported that the lady  died on her way to the hospital from loss of blood. However a Doctor at LUTH is countering the initial report, stating that the patient is alive but in Intensive Care Unit at LUTH.

See photos from the accident below:

Lord have Mercy! MDB feels for her and hopes that by Gods grace that she pulls through.

Update: MDB just found out from the Lagos state Police PRO that the lady eventually didn’t make it. 

May her soul Rest In Peace 

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