10 Popular Lies Always Told On Christmas Day

Christmas will always be a time of sharing, caring and cheer but in reality there are some lies that would never go out of style.

Here are my top 10 most popular lies that takes place every Christmas Day:

(1) “I went to Christmas Service”

(2) “I just want to taste small, I’m on a diet”

(3) ” Honey I would’ve bought it if I carried my wallet”

(4) Father Christmas was the one that brought those gifts

(5) ” They invited us for lunch”

(6) “I just love being around my wife and kids ALL Christmas”

(7) “I won’t let work distract me on Christmas day”

(8) ” I’m sure NEPA will give us light all day on Christmas day”

(9) ” The gift I got you is on its way!”

(10) “I’m very close, you’ll see me now now!”

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