Brazilian Player Who Survived Chapecoense Plane Crash Wakes From Coma Without A Memory Of What Happened

One of three players to survive the Chapecoense plane crash has awoken from a coma – and asked doctors ‘the result of the game’.

Helio Neto came out of the nine-day long coma on Friday and has no memory of the tragic crash that killed 71 people.

Psychologists have decided not to tell the 31-year-old about the plane crash as they fear the emotional shock would be ‘detrimental to his clinical recovery’.

After waking up from the drug-induced coma, Neto asked his doctor if his team had won the final of the Copa Sudamericana, a match he was travelling to Colombia to play against.

He also asked what had happened to him that meant he was unable to play.

Doctor Carlos Mendonca reportedly told Brazilian station TV Globo: ‘It’s a recommendation from the psychologist not to tell him just yet to avoid any emotional shock that would be potentially damaging for his clinical recovery at this moment.

‘So we should follow this qualified opinion for now.’

The crash of the charter plane close to its destination killed 71 people.

A figure which included 20 Brazilian sports journalists travelling to cover what would have been a remarkable occasion for Chapecoense football club, who had risen from the lower leagues to contend in the top tier.

Neto survived alongside players Jackson Follman and Alan Ruschel, crew members, Ximena Suarez and Erwin Tumiri, and journalist, Rafael Valmorbida. 

Source: Metro UK

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