21 Of The Worst Possible Ways To Break Up With A Woman In Lagos

Ending a relationship is never easy — there’s always hurt, frustration, upset, and general unpleasantness. Though it’s not ever something that you can transform into a barrel of laughs, there are gradations of bad when it comes to ways to breaking up (and we’re going to explore the worst ways to break up with a woman in Lagos)

  1. Through the phone, via texting or calls.
  2. In Church
  3. When you’re drunk
  4. Purposely cheating on her and hoping she finds out
  5. Few days before marriage or an engagement
  6. At MM1 (Airport)
  7. In Mile 2 or Oshodi Traffic
  8. At her office during closing hours
  9. On her birthday
  10. At the hospital carpark
  11. At “The Place” when you haven’t paid
  12. With bad breath
  13. By asking your relative to break up with her for you
  14. On Cool FM, Wazobia FM or Radio Nigeria
  15. By getting her mother pregnant
  16. When she’s using the toilet
  17. When she’s eating very peppery or spicy food
  18. Just after she announces she missed her period
  19. When she tells you she had a bad dream
  20. When taking a selfie – in front of her best friends
  21. In front of her tailor or hairdresser


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