Angry Motorists On Hunt For Serial ‘Car Rapist’ Who Was Caught On Camera F**king A Car [Pictures]

Sexual attraction to inanimate objects is known as objectophilia, and that’s the clear case at play here.

Motorists in the Czech Republic are being warned to be on the lookout for a man who has sex with CARS.

The rapist has been caught on camera a number of times apparently getting intimate with parked vehicles.

The latest CCTV footage captures the man approach a blue Skoda in an enclosed car park in the city of Pilsen and reportedly inset himself into the petrol cap.

After apparently satisfying himself, he then saunters away as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Local media who have branded the man a “car rapist”, claim it’s not the first time he has targeted parked cars.

He has been seen in the city’s district of Skvrnany and in the garage of the Otylie Beniskova’s building, where the CCTV video comes from.

The owner of the blue Skoda Octavia in the video said he felt aggrieved about the incident.

He told local media: “This pervert also ‘raped’ my neighbour’s Mazda but my Octavia turns him on more.

“He goes there like it’s a brothel




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