Can You Beat This?! Nigerian Lady Reportedly Saves N500,000 Using Piggy Bank ‘Kolo’

The small savings box called piggy bank, thats also popularly known as kolo  by Yorubas is something that every regular Nigerian has had to use at some point growing up.

Back then it was a norm – and still is – for Parents to insist  that their kids make use of this boxes and save every penny they have, in an attempt to inculcate a saving attitude in them. But somewhere along the way while growing up,  I’m sure you’ve probably had an opportunity to scoff and rebel at the idea.

Well, this nigerian lady is exemplary and one whom some strict parents will definitely be happy to sing her heroics to their kids. From February 2016, a lady reportedly started saving every extra change she had at the end of everyday. Sometimes, the amount were N200, sometimes N1000.

When the vault was opened at the end of 2016, she was amazed to realise she had saved for herself
N489, 500.

Story was shared online by a social media user who says you too can achieve same if you do these:

  • 1- Get your own saving box
  • 2- Make up your mind everyday to put in something no matter the amount
  • 3- Then relax and wait for 365days to elapse. You will be amazed at the result.
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