Fans Urge Ikechukwu & Terry Tha Rapman To Settle Dispute Via An Epic Boxing Match [Photos]

Fans on social media her currently rolling out the drums and encouraging Nigerian artistes, Ikechukwu and Terry The Rapman to settle thier differences in a Chris Brown esque boxing match.

Both stars have recently been literally at each other throats with shots flying in the air all over social media in a bid by one to out-shade the other. Sarah Ofili and Terry Tha Rapman’s younger sister have even been part of the fight  at some point. So far so good, the quarrel has only ensued on social media, with little or nothing done to physically settle thier squash man-to-man.

Trust Nigerian fans, they have thrown down the gauntlet for them, it remains to be seen if the bait will be taken.

Bovi has just shared a funny artwork online that wants these rappers to ‘fight to death’.

Who do you think will win?

A buff and energetic Ikechukwu or a lanky Terry Tha Rapman who probably has wells of inner strength?

Lol, we’re kuku not encouraging them to fight.

We however encourage them to settle their differences. 2017 is still but a baby, there isn’t time to nurse a beef or grudge against one another. It’s unhealthy




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