Heritage Bank: Did You Know? YES YOU!

Here are a couple of quick facts you may not have known about Heritage Bank PLC.

Heritage Bank,

-Boasts of a branch network of over 220 Experience Centres, 380 ATMs and over 5000 Point of Sale (POS) machines across the length and breadth of Nigeria

-Mobile banking and internet services are virtually so easy to use…And also effective especially for weekends nd instant, hassle-free transfers.

– Acquired Enterprise bank and still has been able to successfully manage the merger unlike most new generation banks that would’ve collapsed?

– Hardly has a crowd of customers in any of their branches.

– Has one of the youngest MD’s and also Board of directors. This shows their commitment and interest in modern ways of banking, fresh ideas and social media awareness.

– Has over 5000 Employees and was one of the banks who hardly sacked their staff last year except due to malpractices?

– Is one of the few banks CBN fully trusts in terms of transactions? This is a big one because though heritage is virtually new, it has strengthened its trust and built a good reputation with older banks in such a relatively short amount of time!

– ATM’s are installed at strategic points and are top of the line for easy do-it-yourself transactions

More facts to come!!!

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