MEN SPEAK: Here Are The Top Ten Things Nigerian Women MUST STOP In 2017

After much deliberation, the men have spoken that these are the top most annoying habits that their women must STOP in 2017.

Men want their women to:

1) Stop taking 6 hours to wear makeup and getting dressed to go out.

2) Making them wait for them for hours when they go shopping.

3) Reducing a man’s food or drink portion when he orders after she agrees she doesn’t want anything.

4) Stop going to bed with clothes on.

5) Stop slapping your weave or wig in public.

6) Stop jumping to conclusions for something minute.

7) Stop trying to hack your man’s phone or social accounts to catch him cheating.

8) Stop using someone else’s baby to take selfies so that you seem lovable.

9) Stop obsessing over iPhone 7 and gele.

10) Stop talking about their sex lives with other women.

God will help our women in 2017 in Jesus name!!!

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