OMG!!! Woman Chops Off Lovers Penis And Makes Noodles With It (GRAPHIC CONTENT)


A very jealous lover came back home and unfortunately caught her hubby in a very compromising position with the house help (yes…They were having sex).

Most women would cry or scream, throw a tantrum or worst case leave the premises but in this case, the woman ( let’s call her lady x) jumped on her hubby wielding a sharp knife and carefully detached his manhood from between his legs!

Worse still, she went as far as preparing a plate of noodles and garnished it with her boos man-meat while he bled profusely in a coma.

Paramedics however were notified by the help and we’re able to rush to the scene to save the victims life.

Check out photo below:

Seriously! Has ladies has it gotten to this?

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