“How Do I Know This Is Ordinary?”Confused MDB Reader Who Needs Advice Asks

An MDB reader confused about her relationship sent this in today:

Hi Moji,I’m a huge fan of yr blog and I’ve been following yr site for about 4 years now. Please help post this on Instagram too because I see you get more feedbacks there.

I’m in a serious dilemma here because I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks on me. I met this amazing guy 2 years ago and we’ve been inseparable since we met. At first he didn’t have much, he was a contract staff and was earning barely 80k. I on the other hand at that time(2015) was already earning 300k at my job and I was just 25. What struck me was his intelligence and sense of humor so I had no doubt in my mind that things would get better and one day we could get married. 

That day seems to have come but I’m very afraid because of something that I noticed started about 6 months ago. All the while I earned better than him I supported him financially, encouraged him when he was down, I even contributed to helping him get his first car shortly after we met. He has always been very grateful and promised to take care of me when he gets a good job. 
6 months ago he finally got an amazing job and the pay was almost unbelievable. He got an official car, apartment and started traveling around the world and would sometimes take me along. I was so happy because I though finally we could start making plans for the future and the best part, he didn’t change but became even more living.

However something changed about our sex life. I noticed suddenly that he would always want to have sex with me when I’m on my period, and thinking back now, this didn’t start until after the new job. At first i couldn’t care less( cos i enjoyed the sex even more than when im not on) but now it’s became like a ritual. Infact sometimes he would ask me repeatedly to know when my period would start and when there’s a delay he even notices the date. 
I’ve been praying about it and I’ve never seen any sign that my man is diabolic but this period sex thing just scares me. I have spoken to him about the sudden change and he said he has always liked it but never asked because he’s mind wasn’t settled back then when he was struggling. Now he’s planning to propose and I know but I’m not sure I want to marry him because of this. How do I know there isn’t more to this period sex thing? I really love him and I don’t know what to do.

Please advice. No negative comments I plead. Thank you.

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