Kenyans Go Ballistic On President, Kenyatta For Dabbing Despite Ongoing Health Crisis In Country

The unspoken word on twitter is that Kenyans are only second to Nigerians on the no chill scale.

Kenyans on social media had a field day roasting their  President, Uhuru Kenyatta after he was pictured dabbing at the stae house.

The president had  posted photos of his moments with the country’s famous dance group, FB1 Dance Crew.

From the photos, the president is seen doing the dab, showing off new moves he learned from the group, and this has infuriated many Kenyans currently living in a country where doctors do not go to work.

Recall that in December, over 100 mentally ill patients escaped from Mathari Hospital in Nairobi and shutdown the busiest highway in the country, following a Kenya doctors strike. The government has failed in reaching an agreement with the upset medical sector, plus lecturers are currently staying out of school due to salary complaints.

These issues – especially that of the health sector – are yet to be resolved by the presidency. Daily, Kenyans take to social media to share stories of terse living conditions, the health threats and tragedies accumulating since December. And this is why the citizens are outraged by the photos of the president partying, while the country burns.

“Pathetic that people are dying and President Uhuru enjoying it all at statehouse, like it’s a movie #DabOfShame,” one tweeter said, and another added, “#DabOfShame is not about a dancing President Vs Striking doctors. It is about a Dancing President Vs poor, sick Kenyans dying at home.”

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