OMG!!! Woman Left In Critical State After Butt Implants Explodes [Graphic Pictures + Video]

The pictures in this post should go a long way in scaring women from having implants placed in their butts.

A Brazilian woman was reportedly rushed into an hospital In Rio after her butt exploded in public to the dismay of many and it was an extremely gory sight.

The graphic video which was later uploaded onto the internet for all to see was taken inside a hospital in Brazil.

According to the story, the woman had the butt implants done had contracted an infection in the process but was already recovering after corrective measures was put in place.

Unknown to the lady and  her doctor, the infection must have spread way more than they imagined as her implants got deteriorated further and eventually ‘exploded’.

The video shows a doctor at a hospital she was rushed to removing fragments of her butt after it ruptured.

The woman is however expected to survive.

See graphic pictures below

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