15 Of The Pettiest Things Couples Fight Over

A couple can argue over the smallest things. Some of the most common arguments couples have are honestly kind of funny when you think about it, except for at that exact moment you’re annoyed because your spouse either did or didn’t do one of these….

1. Neither of you ever has any idea of what you want to eat for dinner.

​2. ​​ Picking a movie to watch that both of you can agree on.

​3. The proper way to fold clothes.

​4. Leaving drawers and cabinet doors slightly open.

5. When your phone rings he/she I.mediayely jumps to the conclusion that your sleeping with the person calling.

6. Doing the laundry the correct way.

7. Making the bed the CORRECT way.

​8. Your partner keeps stealing the covers late at night while they toss and turn.

​9. Leaving dirty clothes everywhere.

​10. Not changing the toilet paper roll after using the last of it.

11. Being a little too honest when responding to, “Does this look good on me?”

​12. Leaving the toilet seat up.

13. When one of you is sick and acts like a complete baby.

​14.  Leaving the end piece of bread in the bag.

15. Taking the trash out.

How many of these do you and your spouse argue over lol?

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