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Monday Motivation

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Monday Motivation

Your naysayers;

Those who said and think you can’t do it;

Those who want you to fail so bad;

Those who have little or no faith in you;

Those who think they are better than you;

Those who think you’re limited by your unique circumstances in life;

Those who underestimate you;



Let them know that you’re destined to win and you will make it no matter what life throws your way.

Let them know you’re a fighter and little set backs are just testing you like fire does diamonds to make you stronger.

Let them know you can and you will because God is in your side.

Let them know you’re a special breed, and though it may take a little while you will make it because you were born to succeed.

Let them know you’re a born fighter and not a quitter and you will keep fighting to actualize that dream.

What ever you do, just make sure you PROVE THEM WRONG. 

I don’t know what you’re going through but I hope this encourages you to keep your head above the water. It will get better-I promise. Just trust God, keep working hard at it. 

Keep trying, keep shining , Keep winning!

Good morning lovers! Have a blessed week ahead!

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