Robbers Massacre Family, Rip Unborn Child From Pregnant Mother During Raid


Victims of the siege


Badoo Boys struck in Ikorodu area of Lagos, killing a man, his pregnant wife and two children. One of the children, suspected to have been raped, was still lying unconscious in the hospital at 6p.m., yesterday.

Local reports show that four members of the gang stormed Mr. Israel Olusanya’s home at Itamaga, Radio Area of Erunwen at 1a.m., on  Tuesday, in a black SUV. 46-year-old Olusanya was a farmer, while his wife was a teacher.

The assailants gained entry into the apartment through a window, smashed the Olusanya’s heads with a grinding stone, ripped the pregnant woman’s womb open and removed the foetus.

A resident, who claimed to have seen them leaving the building, disclosed that the killers wore hoods.

The remains of Olusanyo, who hailed from Ikorodu, was buried in his compound yesterday, while those of his wife and two children will be buried today.

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