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Rihanna Steps Out Braless In Night Wear Inspired Outfit (Photos)


photos-rihanna-lets-her-npples-dance-as-she-steps-out-in-sexy-nightwear1Braless Rihanna who hasn’t really been in the news like before stepped out for a dinner of Friday night, wearing sexy night gown.

The singer wore a gold slip dress paired with an over-sized fur coat, baseball cap and completed her outfit with a lovely gold heels.

It’s not her first time going to the public with nightwear on, but anytime she does it, she still looks pretty.

Checkout more photos below.

photos-rihanna-lets-her-npples-dance-as-she-steps-out-in-sexy-nightwear2 photos-rihanna-lets-her-npples-dance-as-she-steps-out-in-sexy-nightwear

Bad girl Riri! Even in her nightie, she slays…lol.

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  1. Bomi says

    Bra is so overrated, I support women going braless once in awhile. When you cup boobs in bra, it limits the chance to be free, like being tamed, you know like being shackle , being caged, it’s like covering the glory of the sun #Eclipse.

    I still have the gut feeling/my spider sense is tingling, that bra is one of the causes of breast cancer.

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