Blogger Sisi Yemmie Recounts How Actress Genevieve Nnaji Was Rude And Saucy To Her

Sisi Yemmie

So yesterday, lifestyle Blogger Sisi Yemmie took to Twitter to narrate her ordeal with actress Genevieve Nnaji.

According to Sisi Yemi, she met Genevieve somewhere and fanned out and that was her undoing…lol. Genevieve allegedly looked down on her and refused her a selfie.

Check out Sisi Yemmie’s tweets below. Read from bottom to top:

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After Sisi Yemmie sent out the tweets, a barrage of reactions followed, majority of which concurred that Genevieve is rude. I have never met her, and will NEVER fan out if I do, but I truly hope that she adjusts if the claims are true. Yes, celebs are human first and have their days, but they ought to know that being nice to fans is very very key for their PR. True, some fans can be over the top, but those are some of the down sides of being a celebrity. The question I always ask when celebs complain about dealing with fame is this: Would you trade your life(wealth, fame, affluence and all) for that of an average person? The answer to this question is 99% in the negative.


So instead of complaining and being rude to fans, I’m of the view that celebrities need to deal with it and embrace it. It comes with the terrain. Its the hassle of the job, and every profession has its own hassle. More over as a celebrity the importance of good PR cannot be over emphasised. And this is certainly BAD PR for Genny.

  1. Anonymous says

    She’s so right. My cousin met her at the lobby at the Hilton in Abuja and asked for a selfie, you needed to see the way she looked at her with disgust and right there she developed so much hate for the so called A list actress. I detest proud people and only wish Genevieve was humble

  2. Anonymous says

    I saw her sometimes ago at ICM (shoprite to be precise). Even tho I didn’t ask for a selfie or nothing, she had this fake smile yet don’t come near me look, that people didn’t bother to “Hi” her… Am not a fan of toyin aihmaku but i’ll give it to her on that ……


  3. Bomi says

    It’s good to know our bloggers are aware of the power they possess, and they never hesitate to use it to make or mar anyone at will.

    So she said “no”, so what!!! Big deal!!! ,I mean, she’s not the first and she’ll never going to be the last to say so.
    We all have our down moment, come on we’re all human, can yemisi say honestly, that she’s never had a moment when she just want to be left alone. This celebs visit expensive places cos they want privacy, a place they just don’t wanna be bothered by all those fans melodrama. “Oh I’m your biggest fan, I’ve been watching your movies since I was 10yrs old” whatever!!! Boo-Who’s!!! This celebrities are used to those lines and are sick and tired of it plus it all seems so scripted, so when you pulled that kinda line in front of the best actress in Africa #Goddess, she sees through you, cos that’s what she does for living. And I think she didn’t ask too much by requesting for a proof of yemisi being her Number 1 fan. Coming to the premiere of Genevieve latest movie shouldn’t be a problem for a so called fan.
    Yemisi claimed she’s a big fan, and the first thing she does at the first rejection is to go on social media to smare Genevieve. Did she even do any research of Genevieve latest project before confronting her? like being aware of her latest movie and other stuff cos I’m sure if she has a great line she wouldn’t hesitate to have a selfie with her. You are addressed the way you dress.
    Is yemisi aware of what a lot of media outlets goes through to get an audience with a celebrity, some had to travel from one point to another, some buys tickets or pay exorbitant price to events, just to talk and request for an audience, and the goddess Genevieve only ask for just a little support from her, just her presence at the premiere, she gave her a free pass to her that could lead to a greater things in her world, an opportunity on a platter of gold, but just like a novice, she couldn’t look beyond what she see. I’m sorry maybe it’s just me expecting more from our bloggers…
    All she saw was obstacles a stumbling blocks when she could have seen a stepping stone.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, even Linda Ikeji started from the bottom, she’s an inspiration to a lot and we all acknowledge her today.

    “A lot of people said a lot of no to me, before I become successful”
    – Lady Gaga

    1. Anonymous says

      BOMI , I think your epistle would have been on point if yemisi was asking for an interview/contract/phone number e.t.c but Heck its just a picture/selfie … Imagine meeting Linda ikeji and asked for a selfie then she said you should go read and drop a comment on her blog before accepting to take a pics ….. By referring to her as a goddess I know you are a Fan .. For me yemisi is a public figure in her own right even if and people fan her out too….
      Like I said I agree with what you wrote BUT if only sisi Yemi was asking for More than a selfie

      1. Bomi says

        I understand sisi yemi’s views, and yours, the only problem I have with yemi’s social media rant is the way she systematically and indirectly cyber bullied Genevieve.
        Miss Nnaji spent over 2 decades building that brand, the name, her image, I just feel it’s so unfair for yemi of all people to air a private matter on social media, in such a way it could damaging to someone’s career. She should know better. I expect that kinda style from novice, fake and fame seeking bloggers, who only cares about fame and money.
        Yemi is an intelligent lady who understands and fully aware of the extent of damage her post could cost Genevieve.
        I know she’s hurt and wants a pound of flesh, but when you target someone’s career, her means of livelihood, because of a minor disagreement, that’s where I draw the line. For christ sake, you can’t get money with a selfie, abi you fit take am go bank, use am collect cash. Ah ba…
        This is professional and intelligent cyber bullying at the highest level, and she never hold back at all, she even went to the extent of comparing Genevieve attitude to that of those she has good rapport with, to me that’s a low blow. It’s like comparing a President to a state commissioner, it’s totally not cool.Gene is not just a national or International actress, she’s world class.

        A-List celebs are always careful about their image, some of them can’t take pictures without makeup, some can only take pictures if they are Red carpet ready. These stars are mindful of the kind of image that might show up on the internet, if their makeup or looks is not top notch they’ll avoid cameras. It’s a lot of these bloggers that take shots and criticize these celebrities when they don’t look the best , that make them mindful of their image.

        Genevieve may not be perfect, but the fact is no one and I mean absolutely no one is perfect.
        Sisi Yemi owes Miss Nnaji an apology for overreacting.

  4. says

    Bomi must be a superfanof Ms Nnaji! with these your epistle tho.

    i aint celeb freak,anytime i meet them i do as if they dont exist,no time for shit.

    1. Bomi says

      Y’all are missing the points here, it’s not about being a fan/superfan, it’s about what’s right and what’s wrong, about what’s fair and what’s unfair, and the more y’all drag this issue the more it looks bad for sisi yemi.
      I understand she’s not like that and also know everyone has their limits, maybe Genevieve crossed that limit and just like human she lashed out.
      Sisi yémmiè is one of the bloggers we have that refuse to follow the trend, the norm most Nigeria bloggers are into. A lot of our bloggers are into gossips/busybody and all kinda soft sell stories that attracts audience . With all due respect to Linda Ikeji and Stella Domicocus that started this kinda movement and are also successful at it, most Nigeria bloggers follow the band waggon, even Yemi admit it in her post, most of these bloggers gave bad name to blogging, and come to think of it every Tom Dick and Harry are bloggers. People sit in the corners of their room and post whatever they feel without thinking of the consequences, most of their stories are based on assumption, no investigative journalism, no facts, everyone wanna be the next Linda.
      Yémmiè is one of those rare gem we have in the industry, that’s worthy of emulation, she’s self-made, and stands out among her pairs, she’s not doing it for the money but the Art of creative writing. She’s a Goddess on her own, this is the kind of woman I respect and cherish a lot, and that’s why I’m on Moji Delano blog, cos she’s special, and also That’s the reason I was shocked at yemisi’s post, cos a Goddess don’t act like a worshipper, she’s a role model not just for all the upcoming younger females but the male and those that are above her.
      As I said earlier I hold no grudge against Sisi Yémmiè, neither I’m I a fan of Genevieve, and the last time I watched a nollywood movie #TaxiDriver, was to show support for someone. I’m a big Bollywood fan #SharukhKhan #AmitahbBachan #PriyankaChopra, also a Mexican Telenovela fan #AnnaBrendaConteras #Lucero.

      In conclusion Yémmiè is more like Genevieve, they both have Egos, both female, both outstanding, both are role model, Exceptional, independent…
      It’s high time women stop fighting each other for supremacy, and support one another, cos together we stand divided we fall. The only edge men has over women is men support each other, they stand for each other, let bygone be bygone, but if women can, just once look beyond their egos and self centre attitude, they’ll go far beyond the men’s reach.

  5. Hamyz (EYAN MAYWEATHER) says

    I understnd wat BOMI s tryin to say..nd I also understd d oda person I tink ds s common to our celebrity…dey cnt manage dere fame…
    Nd none f dis so called celebrities hv tens of million fans on social media…
    I wonder f dt smal KENDALL or KYLIE JENNER cn hav up to 40 million fans on instagram..nd dey stil manage dere fames..
    Wats nw wrng wit our own celeb dt none f dem cn evn boost of 2million fans on instagram…smh

  6. Davina says

    Hahahahahaha! Drama!

  7. Davina says

    Hahahahahaha! Drama

  8. Davina says

    Hahahahahahahaha! Drama

  9. OMAZ -COURT says

    Where was I? Pls come and fan me!

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