Protest At Ikeja City Mall Over ₦100 Parking Fare, Security Guard Injured



An MDB ireporter currently at the shoprite-Ikeja City mall has just informed me of the fracas going on at the gate over payment of ₦100 toll.

According to my source, some guys who came to the mall refused to pay the mandatory ₦100 parking fee, claiming that they spent less than 30 minutes at the mall and the ₦100 unjustified.

They  then blocked the gate, and even injured the security guard Mr Ojo Emmanuel with an iron, which is barbaric, to say the least. I can understand a protest but to injure someone who.os doing their job in the process is just wrong. Photos below.

image image image image image image

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  1. efkaynation says

    Haba! Nigerians are just so unbelievable. But why should the mall milk lagosians of a 100 naira? Smh

  2. Ahmed says

    To injure a worker is bad, but really, the way some of these private bodies extort money from the masses at times is uncalled-for!

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