Devastating Earthquake Hits Central Italy Demolishing Hundreds Of Homes, Kills And Traps Dozens 


A 6.2-magnitude quake on Wednesday hit Italy at about 3.30am local time.

The earth quake was so powerful it rocked buildings in the centre of Rome more than 100 miles away and was felt across Italy.

The earthquake hit in hard demolishing dozens of historic landmarks and rendering countless homeless.
Survivors have described ‘apocalyptic’ scenes in towns and villages near the city of Perugia – the capital of the tourist-packed Umbrian region, which is especially popular with British holidaymakers.

At least 38 are feared dead in the earthquake after people were crushed by falling buildings or suffocated by the rubble – rescuers have pulled out several from the ruins but can still hear voices from below.
Its epicentre was in Norcia in Umbria, about 105 miles north east of Rome, while the hardest-hit towns were reported as Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. Falling bridges and landslides mean some areas are still cut off with emergency teams can only get there on foot.

The mayor of Accumoli, Stefano Petrucci, said this morning: ‘My town isn’t here anymore’ as people were carried out of ruined buildings on stretchers and people desperately searched the debris for survivors or sobbed as they inspected their own ruined homes.

Several aftershocks hit the area in the following hours as rescuers scrambled to reach people trapped under rubble to get them to needed safety.

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