7.1 Earthquake Hits New Zealand, Security Forces Placed On Red Alert As Locals Were Asked To Leave Their Homes


Residents of a small community on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island have been told they can return to their homes, after a severe earthquake at sea sparked a tsunami warning.

The 7.1 quake struck 169km (105 miles) north-east of Gisborne around 0200hrs (West African time).

Authorities asked people in the Tolaga Bay area where the vibration was at its highest, to leave their homes.

Some damage to property has been reported, but no fatal injuries.

The quake caused a tsunami but it has had no noticeable impact,For now stringent security measures have been put in place as a precaution for future reoccurrences.

We really should be thankful to God in this country that we don’t have have natural disasters to worry about in addition to all out social and economic issues. 

  1. Lionheart says

    Thank God for His Lovingkindness towards us in Nigeria

  2. Mannyxander says

    Glory be to God that no life was lost, I keep saying it, we are the architect of our problem in this nation. God loves us so much, he spared us from all these natural disasters yet we decide to destroy ourselves…

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

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