New York Bombings: Suspect Identified As Ahmad Khan Rahami Declared Wanted By The FBI


Authorities are urgently searching for a “person of interest” in the New York City explosion, identified as 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, according to a memo circulated by the New York Police Department.

The FBI also released a wanted poster for Rahami with his photo, saying he is “wanted for questioning” related to the bombing. Rahami is a U.S. citizen originally born in Afghanistan, the FBI said. He is considered armed and dangerous.

The address of a home being searched by FBI agents in Elizabeth, New Jersey is linked to a person with a similar name.

An emergency alert was sent out this morning asking people to call 9-1-1 if Rahami was seen.

This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates.

  1. Lionheart says

    Now US will know they need a president like Trump who’s so blunt and tyrannical rather a diplomatic chicken hearted president.

  2. Pundit says

    This affirms Trumps position on tough stance on immigrants.The US border is already porous.Yet,obama and his cohorts are sheltering Syrians and the likes with no tough controls and measures.. You want security and you leave the masses with guns on the streets. No reasonable gun control… And crooked Hilary Clinton is also not helping quell the fire of sporadic guns on the street.

  3. Anonymous says

    Mtsheeewww @ Lionheart! Pls don’t be chauvinistic in ur reasoning! That someone is smart in making money has no correlation with politics! Anyways that’s by the way. We should learn from those people how investigation is done, just now now they already have a suspect! I dey throway cap for una oo

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