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7 Ways To Know That You’re Dating A Grown A** Man

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7 Ways To Know That You’re Dating A Grown A** Man

images-101. He proudly holds your hand in public. Men hate to show public affection because they may be seen as soft but a grown ass man will happily take your hand and make you feel adored, even when he’s surrounded by his friends or family, he will make you feel like you are his top priority.

2. He doesn’t randomly disappear off the face of the earth. Like bears, some men will all of a sudden hibernate for long stretches of time, making you feel like a crazy person for sending multiple worried texts. And when you say you don’t like not hearing from them for three days, they tell you you’re too clingy. A grown ass man won’t just disappear over periods of time; if he’s busy, he’ll always find two seconds to let you know what’s up.

3. He takes you on thoughtful dates away from his home. The typical men we all know love the dark, vaguely musty vibe of his bedroom, and doesn’t particularly want to leave. It’s pretty easy to feel disposable while watching him play video games or watch football in boxers he hasn’t washed in days. A grown ass man will clear his schedule so he can take you out on the dates you deserve.

4. He never gets unnecessarily angry with you. Most men don’t know how to tell when they are fighting with a man or woman. He will expose his teeth in a fight and get real ugly in an argument, even small ones, like how you’re not the biggest fan of his favourite football team. A grown ass man will be aware of how off-putting temper tantrums are, and will always choose to resolve conflict peacefully. With him, neither of you ever has to have your claws up.

5. He doesn’t make your best friends “worried” about you. When introducing your man to your close friends, watch your friend’s reactions after 5 minutes and see if they genuinely like his character because a grown ass man will not only make your friends feel assured that you’re with someone great; he’ll be so fun that they’ll actually ask you to bring him around more. The more the merrier!

6. He doesn’t get annoyed seeing you around other men. Just like wild animals, men are naturally territorial creatures and suddenly get very attentive when there’s a possibility that another man finds you alluring. A grown ass man isn’t threatened by anyone else. More importantly, he’d never make you feel threatened or like you can’t have friends who are also male. He absolutely trusts you, without a shadow of a doubt.

7. He sees you as a real person. Grown ass men can easily note the differences between you and them, and are wise enough to know that the best love comes from compawmise.

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1 Comment

  1. Bomi

    October 21, 2016 at 11:53 am

    Spot on…

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