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Why A Motorcycle Is Better Than A Car


Why A Motorcycle Is Better Than A Car

Riding a motorcycle often seems a risky business. It seems to be one of the most dangerous ways of entertainment, which can end up in tragedy. But why people always think with stereotypes – negative stereotypes? For instance, there are more of those, who are afraid of flights and planes. In a meanwhile, traveling by plane is the safest way of traveling, unlike going somewhere by car, which no one is really afraid of.

Well, we are not going to argue about planes and cars, but we have some facts that will prove that a motorcycle is better than a car. So let’s start!


Let’s start with the most obvious thing. Motorcycles occupy lesser space and don’t cause a lot of troubles when it comes to parking, traffic jams or garage. And that is just the beginning. Motorcycles are very flexible. They belong to the category somewhere between cars and pedestrians, borrowing advantages of ways to get from A to B.

In addition, it is not as boring as any other means of transport. Every ride is an adventure, triggering unique emotions and letting you feel extraordinary experiences.


It is not a surprise that motorcycle is considerably cheaper compared to a car. Moreover, it requires less petrol and is easier to repair and maintain. Just think: you get only two wheels instead of four. The insurance is lower as well.

Staying cool

You probably think that this one should have come in the first place. The image of a bad boy on a bike is one of those, which are going to attract girls’ attention forever. Even the way your bike looks can help you to win hearts, find fans and become recognizable.

Staying healthy

Unlike the common believe about motorcycles and safety issues, it helps to keep awake, concentrated and with increased awareness. The main reason for such number of accidents happening on the road is a lack of attention. The fact that many people fall asleep and cause a tragedy is undeniable.

When you are on a bike, you have to control every moment of your ride, shifting between gears and keeping your eyes on the road in order to avoid obstacles.

Driving a bike doesn’t leave time for relaxing. Your brain begins to function more actively than ever, achieving high level of concentration. It triggers your analytical skills, sharpens your sight, switches on the ability to maneuver and improvise.


It has been scientifically proved that people, who drive motorcycles, have better cognitive functions than those, who drive cars. Moreover, the positive influence of mental health is obvious, too. Researchers have determined that motorcycle drivers feel happier and have a more positive approach to life. Adrenaline, sunlight, vitamin D – everything makes you happier, and it is even more powerful in complex.

Keeping in shape

Besides mental health, physical well-being is guaranteed, too. Every ride is a high-speed exercise, helping to burn a lot of calories – more than you think. And you simultaneously gain a complex workout, training all groups of muscles. As a result, motorcycle will present you stronger knees, core and neck strength, and an increased insulin sensitivity.

Enjoy the ride!

You will be fond of literally everything – from the scenery rapidly changing, sounds of the wind, and your look. Don’t forget to invest in a good helmet, gloves, and all the gear you may need. It is how you take care of your personal safety.

Even this giraffe wants to take a ride!


What’s next?

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